Pre Run

Q.1 What to eat before my run?

Ans. Have a banana or nuts half an hour before the run. Not milk

Q.2 What to eat/drink during the run?

Ans. Keep sipping water and have few nuts.

Q.3 How do I locate my parents after the run?

Ans. There will be volunteers to guide you to holding area where your parents would wait for you.

Q.4 What about safety?

Ans. Traffic is halted till the run is over. There is first aid and ambulance available at the venue.

Q.5 What time do I report to the venue?

Ans. Please report half an hour (45 minutes) before the start of your race category.

Q.6 Where to report after reaching venue?

Ans. All reporting location, time and maps will be sent to the registered email id two days ahead of the run.

Q.7 What do I wear to the marathon? Running attire suitable for the distance of the run and all registered participants must wear the bib number provided for the event.

Ans. The exception is permitted in the super hero category, where the younger participant can wear a superhero attire of his/her liking.

Q.8 Is it compulsory to wear my bib number?

Ans. Yes, Bib number must be worn at all times. The bib numbers are your unique identification and are required to be displayed at multiple locations during the run and after the run.

Q.9 What do I do if I forget to get my chest number/bib to the venue?

Ans. Registered participant without the bib / chest number will not be allowed to participate in the event. The bibs will not be replaced or reissued.

During the Run

Q.1 How do I seek medical help during the run?

Ans. Kindly report to the nearest first aid counter / medical staff available at the start and finish point or to ambulances that will be strategically parked along the course. In case you are not able to spot a medical personal or an ambulance, please report to the nearest volunteer who will help and assist to reach the nearest medical / first-aid staff.

Q.2 What if I am not able to run and complete the race?

Ans. If you are not able to complete the race then we recommend you to use the side walk to rest and or resume at your free will. In case you need any assistance, kindly call out to the nearest volunteer.

Q.3 What if I want to drop out of the race?

Ans. Please report to the nearest volunteer on the course and seek their assistance.

Post Run

Q.1 What to do after crossing the finish line?

Ans. Please report to the official at the finish line and provide your name and chest number.

Q.2 How do I meet my family after the race?

Ans. After reporting at the finish line, participants will be requested to head towards the assembly point to meet with parents.

Q.3 What if I lose something on race day?

Ans. Please report to the lost and found counter that will be set-up at the venue.

Q.4 How can I find out if my child has finished or dropped out from the run?

Ans. If the children drop out and are unable to complete the run, volunteers will guide and assist children to the finish point. All participants who have finished the run will be guided to the assembly point for parents to take them home.


Q.1 What is the registration fee?

Ans. i) The Champs (10km) - Rs.950/- per reg
ii) The Edge (5km) - Rs. 850/- per reg
iii) The Starters (3km)- Rs. 850/- per reg
iv) Costume Run (1km) - Rs. 650/- (1 Parent + 1 Child)

Q.2 I missed the registration date... Can I register?

Ans. Please contact us on jaipur@juniorun.com. If any vacant spots are available our operations team will get in touch with you.

Q.3 I am unable to register online? What other options do I have?

Ans. Please send an email request to jaipur@juniorun.com. You can also download the registration form, and send the completed form along with the registration fee (in the form of a cheque) to the office address.

Please note: we will not take responsibility for couriers or postal service delay. All the forms must be received and enrolled on time.

We also provide spot registrations during the Boot Camps.

During Run

Only registered participants are allowed on the course during the event. Spectators are asked to remain on the sidewalk or at the starting and finishing point. All parents are requested to refrain from crowding the starting and finishing line for safety of the runners.

Registered participants must stay on the official course at all times. Officials will be posted at multiple locations to guide children to the finish. Parents are requested to inform the children to follow guidelines of officials only and refrain from listening and following instructions from others. (Officials will be in uniforms with ID cards)

Participants who leave the course will automatically be disqualified. A participant must retire from the race immediately, if required to do so by any official, medical staff or event director